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Loudoun training center's "Burn Building" gives fire volunteers realistic experience (read more)

One of the highlights of the fire school than new volunteer firefighters attend at Loudoun's state-of-the-art training facility are the "burn days" when they get to hone their skills in fire suppression and rescue under realistic conditions. The 25 acre campus of the Oliver Robert Dubé Fire and Rescue Training Academy, located off Sycolin Road, includes various structures for practicing a variety of scenarios involving building and automobile fires among others. The latest addition is the area's only Metrorail simulation facility. Two decommissioned rail cars and a section of track allow firefighters to learn how to deal with the special challenges of fires on the Metrorail system.

Fire school is a demanding but exciting program tailored to the schedules and needs of volunteers: a six month program three evenings a week and alternate Saturdays that provide the same level of training, advanced knowledge, and certification as the county's career fire staff receive.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer firefighter, EMT, or administrative volunteer, visit our Volunteering page!

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