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Like all of Loudoun's 15 volunteer fire and rescue companies, we rely on your donations to help pay for protective gear for volunteer firefighters and EMTs, medical supplies, building maintenance and upkeep, insurance, and other expenses needed to keep you safe and protected. While the County covers the cost of career staff and related facilities, volunteer companies like the Lucketts VFC remain a vital component of the Combined Fire and Rescue System, responding to fire and medical emergencies throughout the County.

The Lucketts Volunteer Fire Company is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS.

You can donate today by mailing a check (preferred method) to:

Lucketts Volunteer Fire Company

Attn: Treasurer

42367 Lucketts Road

Leesburg VA 20176

or via PayPal, using a credit card or linked bank account, by clicking the Donate button below. Thank you!

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