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A new departure for Lucketts volunteers (more . . .)

The Lucketts Volunteer Fire Company has been moving swiftly to implement the enthusiastic agreement of its membership and Board to stand up a new all-volunteer-staffed Support Services Unit.

To allow us to get a quick start, the Purcellville Volunteer Rescue Squad has generously loaned us their Incident Rehab Unit 614 (shown above at its new temporary home) for us to use while we get our team up and running.

Support Services Units are dispatched to extended incidents to support deployed firefighters with cold drinks, snacks, cooling fans, portable heaters, folding chairs, blankets, and other important services. A new unit located here in Lucketts will fill a much-needed demand for these services in Western Loudoun.

While our operational volunteer members continue to serve alongside career firefighters and EMTs at the new fire station next door, the Support Services Unit will allow volunteers who may not be able to serve as firefighters or EMTs a great opportunity to make a difference in their community. When on an assigned duty shift, Support Services volunteers are on call from home and only come to the station if the unit is dispatched. The training to become a Support Services Technician or Aide is completed in just a few hours of online and in-person training.

If you would like to join us as a Support Services volunteer (or a volunteer firefighter or EMT), please visit our Volunteer! page and get started today!


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