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New members bring a wealth of experience (more . . .)

The Lucketts Volunteer Fire Company is pleased to welcome three new volunteers this month, whose diversity of background, skills, and experience exemplify the vibrancy of volunteer firefighting end emergency services in our community.

Sarah Brundage (left), an EMS volunteer, is currently a student at NOVA where she is working to get her paramedic certification. She has already received her EMT certificate and is excited to get started in a field, she says, where she can "try to make someone's worst day better."

George VanTassel (center) became a volunteer firefighter at age 16 in his hometown in upstate New York. Recently retired from a 43 year career in the printing industry, he is looking forward to getting back into volunteer firefighting while also helping our company on the administrative side with his business knowledge and skills.

Bellarina Shander (right), an administrative volunteer, works in family services for the county and previously was employed as an administrator in the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System, bringing us a wealth of management and administrative knowledge.

To find out more about how you can become either an operational or administrative volunteer with LVFC, and join your friends and neighbors in helping to protect our community and make a difference, visit our Volunteer page and join today!


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