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The future of the old station (more . . .)

The old fire station No. 10 has not only been the home of the Lucketts Volunteer Fire Company for more than 60 years, but a center of the Lucketts community.

With the opening of the new Station 10 up the road in 2021 there has been much discussion—and speculation!—about the future of the old building, now officially known as the Station 10 Annex.

The volunteers continue to use the building for meetings, fundraising activities, housing the operationally retired brush truck that provides valuable training, as well as providing space for community service projects including the Ruritan Club's winter coat drive and supplies for the weekly Saturday trash pickup at the elementary school.

One critical issue has been maintaining sewer service to the building, currently provided by a wastewater treatment plant at the Lucketts Elementary School which also serves the Community Center and the new fire station. Originally the County announced that the old station would be disconnected from the treatment plant as the building is no longer considered a public facility.

But thanks to the hard work of Lucketts VFC member Mike Donatelli, an agreement has now been reached with the County, approved unanimously by the Board of Supervisors on July 18, 2023, to continue to provide sewer service with an upgraded plant that will be run by Loudoun Water, with transition costs covered by the County. In return for the $470,000 the County is providing for the old station's share of these costs, the fire company will be subject to a lien on the building requiring that it be used only for public service activities and not for any commercial purposes.

It's a great outcome that will help the fire company retain its active role while also continuing to support many other public services to the entire Lucketts community.


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